Sneak Peek: ‘Skate of Mind’ Now Streaming on IZZY

A short glance at the city. Modern, historic, gray, we see her from above. But there is a big underground culture that is living by the sideways at the edge of the concrete, they look at the city from the ground Skaters. They have no religion, no country, no boundaries. The concrete kids refuse to […]

Sneak Peek: ‘The Amazing Journey’ New Episodes Streaming on IZZY


Gidi and Aharoni conquer the land of chocolate: from breathtaking gourmet sweets to the cocoa groves in the heart of the jungle. In this episode, the duo travel between places and periods that brought chocolate to the world. Watch The Amazing Journey Season 5 now streaming on IZZY

Sneak Peek: ‘Hope in the Holy Land’ Now Streaming on IZZY

An American Christian with a deep love for Israel sets off on a journey across the Holy Land to confront his indifference toward the Palestinians and to search for the deeper truths behind one of the most perplexing and debated conflicts in the world. Along the way, he discovers the painful struggles of Jews, Muslims […]

Sneak Peek: ‘Lioness of the Jordan Valley’ New Episodes Streaming on IZZY


Israel’s eastern border just became a bit safer with the Lionesses around! A 10-episode series that digs into one of the IDF’s newest mixed-gender combat units. What happens behind the scenes and along the Jordan Valley border, when female soldiers are now in charge of protecting it? Watch Lioness of the Jordan Valley now streaming […]