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Chaya is a breast cancer survivor who made "Aliyah" and is spreading joy and positivity to everyone she encounters in her new home.
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Chaya Lev


Renny makes hilarious videos about her daily life and adventures. She also sings, with her husband, and does live performances.
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Lenny is a humor and optimism expert. He leads workshops and seminars where he teaches organizations and people how to laugh at themselves.
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Lenny Ravich


Benji's observations on Israeli society create a hilarious narrative, as he shares his insights into cultural differences, and the challenges and marvels of life in Israel.
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Benji lovitt


Talia is a standup comedy queen! She participates in live performances and shares funny insights from her life on Instagram.
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Talia Gordon


Mike is an Emmy-nominated and WGA Award comedian and writer. His hilarious standup has been featured on popular late-night shows.
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Mike lawrence


Mike is an international comedian, host of Unplugged Talk Show and fabulous drag queen!
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Mike kroll


Sarah is a comedian and actress. Her Facebook page features hilarious videos about various adventures she faces in Israel.
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sarah markowitz


Byron is a stand-up comedian who has toured with many fellow successful comedians. He recently appeared in the award-winning film HONEY BOY.
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byron bowers


Mariano is an Israeli actor and comedian. He is well known for acting in the popular TV show Eretz Nehederet.
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mariano idelman


David is a standup comedian and online comedy coach. He represented Israel as a finalist in the Laugh Factory's "Funniest Person in the World" competition.
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David kilimnick


Kandi is a freelance writer and comedian. She has performed in standup comedy shows.
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Kandi abelson


Kobi founded Funny Fine Dine, in which he hosts a dinner party with fabulous food that he cooks, followed by a one-hour standup show he performs.
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Kobi Balulu


Jeremy is a comedy hypnotist and mentalist who entrances his audiences with his funny mind tricks.
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jeremy feldhamer


Lee is an actress and singer-songwriter who dabbles in various forms of comedy.
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lee eller


Noam is an Iranian-Jewish standup comedian.
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Noam shuster eliassi


Alex is an American standup comedian, actress, writer and model. She addresses certain hot button topics with a sense of sarcasm and satire.
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Alex powers


Sigal is an actress and comedian. Her standup comedy touches on the topics no one else dares to cover, like aging and life after kids.
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sigal kahana

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