Israel’s Most Famous Families

Sure, America may have the Kardashians, and England may have the royal monarchy, but do you know about Israel’s leading families?

The Banai Family

The members of this legendary family, known as a phenomenon of Israel, are well-known as artists in theater, television, film, music, and entertainment. The history of the Banai family has been associated with Zionism and Judaism for 140 years.

The talented family members are famous for a variety of skills: to name a few Yossi Banai is considered one of Israel’s most famous recording artists, Ehud Banai is a well-known singer and composer, and Orna Banai is a comedian who stars in The Stand-Up Comedians, on IZZY!

The Buzaglo Family

The Buzaglo family are considered to be the first and most famous family of Israeli football, even sporting a docu-reality show that follows the family’s lifestyle.

The family’s four children, Maor, Asi, Almog and Ohad, are football players and coach while the father Jacob Serves as their agent.

The fifth season of the series about their lives has just been released and is funny, dramatic, and full of emotion and touching moments.

The Sapir Family

Couple Shiran and Michael Sapir started a family YouTube channel with their two young children Alin and Elroy, where they document the challenges and experiences of daily family life.

The family runs four YouTube channels and has about a million subscribers and thousands of followers; they hold fan meetings around the country.

Poliakov family

The Poliakov’s are known as the royal family of Israeli entertainment. They have a scripted reality show called Poliakovs following mainly Yael Polikov, the most famous of the family. Some consider them to be the Kardashians of Israel.

Yael’s father, Yisrael Poliakov was a highly regarded Israeli comedian and actor. He was part of a three man comedy group called Hagashash Hahiver. Yisrael and his wife Shoshana had three children Yael, Itamar, and Ariel. He passed away from Cancer in 2007. 

Ariel Poliakov is a musician who has produced over twenty original songs.

Yael Poliakov is an actress in many Israeli shows and movies including Mekimi on IZZY. She is divorced and has one child.

The Alfi Family

The Alfi family is an Iraqi Israeli entertainment family. Yossi Alfi, the family’s patriarch, is from Basrah, Iraq and is an actor and renowned storyteller. Yossi is the founder of the annual Israeli storytelling festival. He has two children Sari and Guri, both of whom are entertainers as well.

Sari Alfi is an actress and singer signed to the record label Mobile 1 Music. In 2015 she produced an album called “warm days.” Guri Alfi is an actor and writer who has been in many shows and movies. Guri’s daughter Alma had her first acting role 3 years ago.

Tzafir family

Tuvia Tzafir was born in Tel Aviv to polish immigrants. He served in the IDF entertainment troupe and went on to become an actor, comedian, and TV personality. He is very famous for his imitations of Israeli politicians and. Tuvia and his wife Yael, a TV producer, have three children including Yoav Tzafir.

Yoav Tzafir is a TV director and writer who has continued his family’s legacy. He is the voice of Michelangelo in the Hebrew version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and stars in the hit comedy series on IZZY Where Do You Live. His wife Michal is a singer, actress, children television star and voice-over actress. One of their 3 daughters, Mia Tzafir, just earned her first TV role in a new show directed by her father. When they are not busy acting, the family likes to post funny TikToks together.

The Neidich family

Idan Neidich is a comedian and content creator. He is best known for his viral videos of him with children Omer and Roni on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. Idan takes his followers through his daily life and shed light on all of the funny, messy, and awkward parts of being a parent. His Facebook page is one of the most popular pages in Israel with over 78K subscribers.

The Alterman Family

Idan Alterman is a comedian, actor, and musician. He is mostly known for being a part of the comedy duo “Platfus” with Avi Greinik and acting in the show “Life isn’t everything.” Idan has two kids and they love posting music covers on social media together.

The Kleinstein Family

Rami Kleinstein is a singer who was born in New York but moved to Israel at the age of 8. He won the Israeli Singer of the Year in 1995 after producing his album called “Apples and Dates.” Rami was married to the famous Israeli singer Rita and has two children with her. 

Rita is of Iranian origin and sings in Persian, her native language. She served in the musical troupe of the IDF and quickly became a star. In 1990 Rita represented Israel in the Eurovision song contest. Rita also was a voice actress for the Hebrew version of “Pocahontas.: The couple’s two daughters Noam and Meshi have acted in several TV shows, and Meshi is currently receiving a lot of praise for her singing and acting and singing skills.

The Dayan Family

The Dayan family is one of the most prominent and wealthiest families in Israel. They own commercial real estate in Israel and Europe including many hotels. Shmuel Dayan was one of the forefathers of Israel’s labor party. Him and his wife Devorah had two sons named Moshe and Zohar. Zohar died during the war of independence, but had a son Uzi who went on to be a member of the Kinesset’s Likud Party. 

Shmuel’s other son Moshe Dayan, known for his iconic eye patch, was a prominent leader of the IDF. He was also a foreign minister. After he died from a heart attack his eye patch was auctioned on eBay with a starting bid of $75,000. 

Most of the Dayan family is on the right side of the political spectrum, advocating for Jewish settlements in the west bank. Moshe’s daughter Yael Dayan is a journalist and labor party politician. Moshe’s son Assi was an actor and director. Moshe’s sister Aviva married Israel Geffen, and their son Yonatan Geffen is a left wing journalist and activist, poet, screenwriter, comedian and TV host. Yonathan’s son, Aviv Geffen is a singer, musician, songwriter, composer, actor and israeli producer. Most of Aviv’s songs are about protests, universal dilemmas and also controversial themes such as suicides and drugs.

Aviv’s older sister is Shira- actor screenwriter, children author,  playwright and director. Yonathan Geffen’s famous song “Shir Leshira” was written about her. She is married to Etgar Keret who is an Israeli writer, playwright, screenwriter, comedian and songwriter.

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