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If you agree, join me on my journey to enhance the world's relationship with Israel.

Hi, I'm Josh.

Born and raised in Los Angeles to an American mom and Hungarian dad, I grew up in a reform Jewish household. I cannot remember my family discussing Israel in our home. In fact, my only memory of Israel as a kid is walking into my parents’ bedroom on a random Sunday morning, and seeing on the TV newscast a blown-up bus in Israel (during what I later realized was the Second Intifada).

After five years of my mother nagging me to go on the free Taglit-Birthright Israel trip, my life changed in January 2013. During this trip, I instantly became enthralled with Israeli culture, and decided on a whim not to board the plane back to Los Angeles.

Shortly after the trip, I rented an apartment in Tel Aviv, became an Israeli citizen, and have been living here ever since.

Now, following seven years running an international client-service marketing business, I’m dedicating my life to enhancing the world’s relationship with Israel, because I’ve come to realize our world is a better place with Israel in it.

Moreover, by enhancing the world’s relationship with Israel — that is, by getting the global masses to appreciate Israel, just like they appreciate the USA or Japan, for example — our world will become a better place for us all.

When I’m not advancing my mission, I enjoy playing and coaching basketball, watching documentaries and stand-up comedy, reading self-help books, and traveling.

as featured in:

Reimagining Israel

This book is the story of a boy who grew up exponentially self-isolated from Judaism, Jewishness, and the Jewish state — until a life-changing experience at the age of 23 catapulted him to a life mission of enhancing the world’s relationship with Israel.

This is not another book that celebrates and glorifies Israel. Instead, the purpose of this book is to serve as a wake-up call to Israel’s advocates that, while Israel packs a tremendous product, it is compromised by a subpar brand which has great potential to uniquely capture the hearts and minds of people across our globe. It starts with the way we portray our beloved country’s core value proposition, while leveraging it to continuously wow our world.

The Future of Jewish

Avraham Infeld, the former President of Hillel International, said our mission, as Jews, is to ensure the continued, significant survival and renaissance of the Jewish People. “And don’t think it’s guaranteed,” he proclaimed. In this transcendent book, Joshua Hoffman provides perspectives, insights, and ultimately a scalable, 25-year vision which offers a global path toward the continued, significant survival and renaissance of the Jewish People.

The Art of Chutzpah

Israel is an extraordinary place, one of the world’s most successful countries, and an incubator for non-stop innovation across virtually every field. At its cultural core is chutzpah — a refusal to be limited by imaginary boundaries and physical resources, the confidence to pursue incredible ambitions, and a relentless attitude to never let actions be influenced by fears.

Unfortunately, chutzpah has a negative connotation (and it can be used in negative ways), but when you look at the other side of the coin, you find that people who live with chutzpah are people who use remarkable amounts of courage and creativity to drive the next generation of imagination and prosperity, locally and globally.

Join me in creating a movement that inspires more people around the world to maximize their chutzpah, so we can create better versions of ourselves and inspire others to do the same!


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