Meet the Filmmaker: Igal Hecht

Igal Hecht is the writer, producer, and director of My Home, streaming now on IZZY.

The Israeli-born filmmaker has been involved in the production of more than 60 documentary films and 20-plus television series. And his work has been screened nationally and internationally on Netflix, BBC, Israel Channel 1, and HBO Europe, among other channels and platforms.

In 2018, Hecht came out with his new series Holy Art, comprised of four seasons and 52 episodes. He then went on to co-produce and co-direct Christmas in the Holy Land, which streamed on IZZY during the 2020 holiday season!

Additionally, he’s the creator of Chutzpa Productions, an award-winning multi-media production company that specializes in the production, creation and delivery of high-profile documentary films.

He produces, directs, and edits films about a wide array of subjects from religion to pop culture. He’s especially known for his ability to create controversial, thought-provoking content.

In his film, My Home, Hecht interviews Arab Muslims, Christians, Bedoin, and Druze about their thoughts on Israel, impartially presenting the diverse State of Israel from all sides of the people who live there.

Another one of his especially interesting films is called Shunned, in which he explores the lives of Palestinian homosexuals who’ve fled their lives to Israel.

In 2021, Hecht is planning to release a series called My Election, about the trio of elections in Israel from 2019 to 2020, as well as a 10-part Biblical docu-drama series called The Wilderness.

If you enjoy Igal’s work, feel free to connect with him directly via Facebook!

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