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Our Story

IZZY is an Israel empowerment startup based in Tel Aviv, built upon the idea that it’s about time Israel has its own direct-to-consumer platform, which gives people around the world an opportunity to experience our amazing country anywhere, anytime, on-demand, and as much as they want.

Through TV streaming, e-commerce, digital products, events, partnerships, and educational opportunities, IZZY is changing the way people around the world, both Jews and non-Jews alike, think and feel about Israel and the Jewish people.

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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to enhance the world’s relationship with Israel, because we believe the world is a better place with Israel in it.

By helping the global masses better understand and experience all there is to appreciate about Israel and Israeli culture, we believe our world will become a better place for all.

Our Team

We’re an independent team of creatives with a common passion for entertainment and experiences, through the lens of Israel.

Josh Hoffman

Co-CEO (International Relations)

Nati Dinnar

Co-CEO (Israel Relations)

Adi Telem

Customer Experience

Israel Frenkel

Legal & Accounting

Zeev Prokopets

Chairman of the Board

Yoni Schwartzman

Marketing Director